How about cooking as a niche?

By | September 9, 2015

Finding a good niche can be daunting.

Finding a good profitable niche can be very hard to do, especially if you are a newbie. Sometimes the prospects can be overwhelming.

I love to cook and entertain, so I decided to look into a cooking niche. So how about cooking as a niche? Cooking or baking would be too broad a niche, so you would have to narrow it down to something a little more specific, like cooking with kids, crockpot recipes, Southern cooking comfort cooking with….. I’m sure you get the idea.How about coking as a niche?

While looking for recipes on-line I ran across some cooking blogs with recipes or how to cook ideas. Just think you can learn to cook online and earn money too. Not a bad combination.


Cooking is not a good keyword but “crock-pot cooking” brought up some keywords I can look at, plenty of them have  good global monthly search values and medium competition: “speedy dinner ideas,” “healthy cooking” all look good. All the cooking sub-niche I checked out all have good keywords.screenshot of keywords - Copy



There is a lot of competition in cookware and bakeware products available on Amazon.

But I’m sure if you only pick a couple of items for your site it could be profitable. Include different recipes that need that type of cookware or baking ware, like a spring form pan with your favorite cheese cake recipe.

Also there are many affiliate sites to look at. Just go to Google and type in cooking + affiliates and you will find many site to choose from.

Simplified Pantry


Gluten Free Cooking School

Shop Taste of Home

Plus many more.

On Clickbank there are many cooking and food site. Probably the best ones are related to the Paleo Diet.Click Paleo Diet



So if you are interested in cooking and sharing recipes and cooking ideas this might be a niche to consider. You can share recipes, learn new cooking techniques and also earn money.

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