Affiliate Marketing Basics

By | March 24, 2015

Affiliate Marketing Basics

Do you think you want to become an affiliate marketer? Her are some affiliate marketing basics.

Are you tired of the 9-5 ratrace, with a boss hanging over your shoulder?

Are tired of spending hours in traffic commuting to and from work, only to get home and be too tired to enjoy your family.

Then affiliate marketing could be for you.
But first you have to separate the good guys from the bad guys.affiliate marketing priamid


They are the ones that want to sell you a get rich-quick program and it’s only $7.00. But before you’re done with add-ons and up-sells it could cost $475 and you are still not making any money.

After purchasing a few of those you could go broke pretty fast and even then the program does not work the way they say it will and you are still not making any money. Just invest a little more please…

Affiliate marketing is not quite as easy as people have been lead to believe.

I’m pretty sure there are no “push the button and the money will flow in and fill you bank account to overflowing” programs out there.

I have been working on Affiliate marketing for quite a while and have just started to earn some money. And that’s with a lot of time to devote to it.

And boy, I still have a lot to learn.

But I think it’s like anything you want in life, you have to work for it and the best thing about the web is there is plenty of help out there and you don’t have to go broke trying to get a business set up.

What you need

All you need is a computer,internet connection and determination.

A lot less expensive than setting up a brick and mortar store, with permits, licensing, inventory, supplies and everything else needed to starting a business. I know I had my own business for a long time.

Check around on the internet and you CAN find some reputable help and training out there.

One in particular is Wealthy Affiliate. It’s free to start with all the help you need to get an established business up and running.

Here’s what you get.

You get 2 free websites and loads of training.

Then you can move on to the premium course where you get unlimited websites and over 2 thousand themes for your site and tons of step by step training for a reasonable monthly fee.
I wish I had found Wealthy Affiliate a long time ago.

After a couple on days in the starter program I upgraded to Premium, knowing this was where I wanted to be!

It has been rated the top training program available out there.

I spent a lot of time checking out different courses and programs, actually too much time.

Fortunately I was very careful about spending as little money as possible.

Find a niche.

First you need to find a niche. Something you know a lot about and are passionate about.

It could be a hobby like dog training, cooking, gardening or any number of things.

That would be a broad niche.

Next break it down  to a smaller niche like training your dog not to jump, healthy cooking ot growing roses. You get the idea.

Then do keyword research.

Using Google Adwords- keyword planner(free), start your search for words pertaining to your site or niche.
Your search volume should be 100 or above and your competition should be under 100.
Then on to building your website which I will cover in another article.

But if you want a quick and easy route than read my review of Wealthy Affiliate.

It is the easiest path to getting a website up and running and earning money.

I would love to hear from you with any questions or comments. Please leave them below if you would like. Thank-you, Deanna

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