CB Passive Income- My Review- Is It A Scam?

By | January 11, 2016

Here is my review of CB Passive Income.

PRODUCT: CB Passive Income
Overall Ranking: 1.5 out of 5
Price: $1.00 for 14 dayscb passive income review is it a scam

$37.00 a month

$47.00 CB Passive Income License

$97.00 (one-time fee) CB Passive Income Pro

$197.00 yearly- Fast cash Series

Owner: Patric Chan

Website: http:// cbpassiveincome30.com/live


This software teaches you how to make money with e-mail campaigns. It is suppose to teach how to get e-mails with a squeeze page or a landing page and encourage clients to sign up to your e-mail list.

Then you offer a free gift for signing up with more information to follow.

Then a list of Clickbank products are sent out to your list.cb passive income review is it a scam



  • Some training
  • Free hosting for your website
  • 60 day money-back guarantee


  • Not a very workable concept
  • Inadequate training
  • E-mail training will probably end up being spam


Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced

None of the above. If you really want to make money on line, there is no get rich quick program. To truly build an online business it takes a lot of determination and not getting discouraged when you have a problem.

Patric Chan promises you a pie in the sky concept which I will be surprised if it will work for you or anyone else.

According to Patric you don’t need the following things:

  • no need to write content
  • no products to create
  • no sales letter
  • no emails
  • no membership programs
  • no free offers
  • no cost for hosting
  • no follow-up needed for clients
  • no need to learn internet marketing
  • no research

It’s just too good to be true. But actually it isn’t suitable for anyone. It’s just another scam.

If you are seriously interested in making a living in internet marketing, read this review of Wealthy Affiliate. The course does not give you false promises, but a tried and true way to earn money and grow and develop a true, honest  business.


Only three simple steps.

  1. Fill out CB passive income details.
  2. After your cash machine has been set-up all you have to do is send traffic to it. Easier said than done.
  3. Passive Income program will monetize your list of clients and all you have to do is collect the money.



I am not a fan of the product. I think it’s too spammy and I don’t know how you can build a business on line without in depth knowledge of the process and all other aspects of the business model.

Personally I would not waste my time or money. If you want a true path into the internet marketing world, specifically affiliate marketing here is the top-ranked program available. Click here to check out my review of Wealthy Affiliate.

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