Coffee Shop Millionaire Review

By | December 15, 2015

Coffee Shop Millionaire

Overall Ranking: 62 out of 100
Price:  $37.00 a month with upsells
Owners:  Anthony Tristercoffeeshop millionaire


According to the title this should be an easy way to earn a lot of money on line, by just sitting in a coffee shop and watch the money pour in. It certainly give a good image.

The program is broken down into easy to handle modules, which are all about 1 hour in length.

He focuses on how to earn money online without any experience or prior training.

Just the word “millionaire” makes it very alluring.

As an added bonus, you receive interviews or testimonials from other successful marketers.

There is an exclusive members only area. Which is unique if you join and pay, you should automatically become a member.

A full money-back guarantee for 60 days.

PROS vs Cons


To become a member it is not very expensive to get started.

The program has 12 training modules to help you get started, plus some videos which are about 8 minutes long. Except one which is 30 minutes long.


This program has additional hidden costs

Your earning potential is not near the “Millionaire” level even if you do achieve success with this program.

The program is not kept up to date.

He teaches you how to sell out sourcing products to local businesses, which can be very hard to do. And he really just touches on it. Also he talks about the new things called “Facebook and Twitter”.

He also refers you to many affiliate offer that he will make money from, which a newbie might not know. But he stresses that you need them to run your business properly.

It has a very poor support system with many upsells.


Coffee shop millionaire is suppose to be for the beginner to the advanced. But if you don’t have any prior training in internet marketing it will be very difficult for you.

There isn’t much support or replies to your questions and discussions.

Which can be very helpful when you first get into a new program, you need all the help you can get.


CSM comes with 12 modules to get you started and also some videos.

They are continually asking for upsells, which can get expensive.


As far as support goes, it is very limited. There have been many complaints on Facebook that nobody has answered their questions and concerns.


The price is reasonable enough to get started at $37.00, but after you join there is pressure to buy more to make it easier to make the big bucks.


I definitely would not recommend this product to anyone.

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