No Cost Income Stream Pro and Cons

By | June 11, 2015

Have you heard of No Cost Income Stream?

Do you want to earn money on line, but have very little cash to get started? Sounds familiar.

No cost income stream Pro and Con is advertised as a way to earn money without spending a lot of money to get started.

It seem that the people that need the money the most, have little or no money to get started.

I saw people at a affiliate marketing seminar giving up large sums of money with no guarantee of success, and I wondered if they really could afford spending that large amount of money.

A large majority of the people at the seminar were retired and probably parted with a lot of their life savings hoping for a great return.

Anyway here is my review of No Cost Income Stream 2.0

I purchased the original product a couple of years ago, but never achieved any success with the program.

PRODUCT: No Cost Income Stream

Overall Ranking: 2 out of 5

Price: originally $47.00 but now $37.00

Owners: Eric Holmlund , Paul Counts and Jeff Wellman


INTRODUCTION: No cost income stream is designed to help you get up and running without any out of pocket money from you.

You will use all free tools, hosting, website, auto responder, free traffic, everything is free.

But in exchange you will have to put in a lot of time and time is money. If you have a lot of time and do not have any extra money it might be for you.

But be aware these free sites can be shut down without any warning.


There is plenty of content.

Very easy to follow.

Detailed and descriptive.

It is easy to get a refund.


Leaves a lot of gaps in the training.

Does not teach you how to build a website, which you will need eventually to have a successful online business.

All their resources  are very hard to rank in Google.


This program is basically for newbies with absolutely no extra money to buy into a upgraded program.

But being a beginner it is sometimes hard to follow just what they are teaching. The problem being is you can put in a lot of hard work and have it be shut down because it’s not on your own website.


The original program by Paul Counts had 26 modules to follow.

It also has 4 bonuses.

1. Social Media Manager Course

2. Pinterest Expert Course

3. Content Curation Blueprint

4. Also Special “300 per Day” free training.

The 2.0 program has 89 videos with step by step training.

It uses Listwire to help you create your mailing list, which is free

The program will teach you how to create your own product.

16 no-cost traffic methods.

No need for  SEO.

No spam involved.

SUPPORT: Very poor support system.

PRICE: Right now the price is $37.00 with upsells.


It’s not a bad product, but if you want a really GREAT product that you can join for free, read my review of Wealthy Affiliate. You will be pleasantly surprised by what this program has to offer.

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