Selling Nutritional Supplements On Line

By | June 2, 2015

How do you sell nutritional supplements on line?

First off, did you know that selling nutritional supplements and vitamins is a 3 billion, yes, 3 billion dollar industry. Everyone wants to be healthier, sexier, look like their television or movie idol or their favorite sports star.

Hoping with the help of  supplements they can achieve that success.Selling nutritional products on line

That makes selling nutritional supplements very lucrative. There is a big demand for the help that they claimed to provide.

Television Doctors  

Doctors on  television are always recommending different supplement and vitamins to help improve your health and help you to live a long and disease-free life.  

As the baby-boomers age this fact is truer than ever. So all you have to do is tune in to one of the Drs. shows and see what supplement they are recommending.

Different Categories

There are many different categories to look at.

Energy Products in the form of energy drinks, which most of us are familiar with, pills and even gum are now available.

Diet and Weight Loss Products have many different approaches to the weigh loss category. There are products to block fat, reduce appetite, increase metabolism. Those are a few of the different types.

Anti-aging Supplements are very popular with the baby boomers and a huge audience to reach out to. There are Asian herbal supplements, creams to reduce the signs of aging and even products to enhance your body parts.

There are sports nutrition, women’s health, men’s health. So there is a large variety of categories to tap into to promote.

What’s First? 

First you need to create a website about the supplements you wish to promote. I have written a post on this site that you can refer to.

Make sure it is your own website with a domain name and hosting.

Pick your domain name carefully, so it reflects what you are all about.


Next become an affiliate with an affiliate network, medical products or supplement company. There are many to pick from. Here are a few that I found recently.

3 d cart, GNC, Shopify, and affiliate networks like Commission Junction or Pepperjam or Amazon are good places to start.


But if you want to take all the guesswork out of your new venture, look into Wealthy Affiliate. This program is designed to take you step by step from a complete beginner to getting a successful business up and running. Read my review of Wealthy Affiliate here.  I have been doing affiliate marketing for a few years now and have come across many scams before finding something tangible to work with and Wealthy Affiliate is the real deal and it’s FREE to join.


If you have any questions, please contact me and I will help you in any way I can.

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