How To Build A Website Cheap

By | March 31, 2015

Finding a niche

1. First you have to find a niche. If you are not sure how to do that, read my article on this site about finding a niche.

After you find a niche you have to.

Pick a domain name.

Keep it simple and revelant to what you website is going to be about.

The domain name is what people will enter to find your website. You will need an extention like .com .net or .org. Try to find a .com extension if possible.

“”, “”  “traingermanshepards” are easy to identify with.

Go to a domain search tool to search for your domain’s name for availability. Or just go to a hosting company.

Find a hosting account

2.Set up your hosting account.

There are many hosting companies to use. One of my favorite’s is Hostgator.
There is:





*Web hosting

*Fat cow

Check some of them out and choose the one that provides all the tools you will need at the price you can afford.

Most are very reasonable to purchase.

Sign up for an account and fill out all the information.

They will set up your webhosting with your domain.

This might take a couple of hours, but they will send you all your information to your email.
3. Log into your account and install wordpress on your cpanel.
4. Login into your wordpress account and get started.
You will need to pick a theme,(I would pick a simple theme to start with) and then learn your way around wordpress and start building your site.

But if you want a simpler way to get started, read my review on Wealthy Affiliate…

It is the very best at getting you started, especially if you are a newbie.

They have 2 free websites and tons of information all for free and you are never obligated to upgrade to premium.

Hope this helped you to get started and good luck. Remember there is plenty of help with Wealthy Affiliate for free.

If you have any comments or questions please comment below.

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