How To Build A Website

By | March 17, 2015


Building a website

Do you need a website?

Whether you need to build a website for your business or for yourself, it is much easier to do today than in the past.

Don’t pay to have someone build a website for you, it’s not necessary.

Today there are platforms available that make it possible for even someone that has very few computer skills ( like me) to build a site.

You can quite easily create a professional site with some patience and perseverance.

There are many different platforms to build your site on. Some are free, but be careful some of these free  sites will close you down for no apparent reason, and all your hard work will be down the drain.

 Free sites
network solutions
Build your site

Years ago it was very difficult to build a site. You needed to use CSS, HTML or Flash and know how to do coding.

Today with the better platforms available, almost anyone can build a website that is professional looking and easy to navigate.

Content management systems are dominating the industry. They are very easy to use and very reliable.

The three most popular ones are:

WordPress is #1 at 50%

Drupal is #2 at 17%

Joomla is #3 at 6.4%

I think the best  CMS to start with is WordPress. It’s used by many major companies

It is very reliable and easy to use and free. It has over 1,400 theme and tons of support in the system and it’s user friendly.

How to find a domain name 

You need to pick a domain name next. This can be a little tricky.

Write down the name of your business, or the online business you plan to start. Remember the simpler the better. It needs to be easy to remember and try for a dot com, but if that is unavailable try for dot net or dot org.

If your domain is for your business than use your company name,

If your website is for yourself then is fine.

Is it easy to remember? Don’t make it to long, it will be hard to remember.

Make it memorable.

Is it catchy? Finding a catchy name is hard, because so many good names have been taken.

Just don’t use a brand name, that is illegal.

Now to setting up your WordPress website.

First install WordPress with one-click installation. You will receive all your information from your host site in an email.

Most well established hosting companies have 1 step install with WordPress.

#1. Log into hosting account

#2 Go to control panel or cpanel

#3Look for WordPress icon or Fantanistco

#4 Pick the domain you want to install and click the Install now button.

You should now have access to your wordpress account.

#5 Now you will have to pick a theme for your site.

It need to fit what you want your site to look like. Research the themes and find one that suits you, but you can change your theme at any time.

Picking a theme, creating a logo and byline and adding content will have you well on your way to creating an on line business.

Next create new pages.

Pages are at the top of your website, such as Welcome, About me, Privacy Policy, Contact me.

Then add content by going to posts and creating articles you want to share with everyone.

That is an overview of How to build a website

The easier way

If this all seems to complicated head over to Wealthy for a free starter course.

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Hope this article was helpful. It was nice meeting you. Please feel free to comment below.




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