How to Find A Niche

By | April 13, 2015

 Are you having trouble finding a niche?

This is probably  one of the hardest things when you are just starting out. First understanding what a niche is and then finding one suitable for you to get started on a successful website.

What interests you?

First you must find something you are passionate to find a niche

Are you a golfer, do you like gardening, do you coach little league baseball or football?

Are you an avid swimmer? Do you like to go camping? Do you like cooking or baking?

Find something that interest you, because you will be writing many articles about it.

How to find a niche

Do some brainstorming, go to Amazon and search their magazine category. Amazon has a total of 1,381,388 different magazines.

Browse through some of them to find different topics. If they are publishing magazines about a topic, there must be interested readers.

Those are the people you want to target.

Check on Google for ideas to help refine your niche.

Go to or type in a niche you are thinking about and add a+ affiliate and you can get many ideas for a niche.

Myself I like to cook and bake. I might start a site on that and then I can incorporate specialty pans and cookware, Kitchenaid mixers, blenders etc.

Are you a parent or a grandparent? Check out baby products or the safety of different types of baby equipment.

Again at Amazon there were 47,647 different baby to find a niche

After you find something that you want to write about than narrow the niche down to something very specific.

Say you are interested in golf, narrow your niche down to “how to improve your swing” or promote a specific type of golf club.  You can find digital products at Clickbank to promote about golfing swings and all kinds of golf equipment at Amazon to promote.

In fact I checked Amazon, and they have over 33,000 different pieces of golf equipment to promote.

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You will be glad you did.

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