Review Of Bring The Fresh

By | April 1, 2016

Here is my review of Bring The Fresh. Hope it gives you some insight into the program.

Review of Bring The Freshbring the fresh

Name: Bring the fresh

Review Website:

Price: $7.00 starter trial, $89.00 lifetime member, with many upsells

Owners: Kelly Filix

Overall Rank: 75 out of 100

Product Overview:  A software program to build a website and all the additional training to build a profitable at-home business.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

Easy to use software meant to give step by step instruction for building your own website.

Money back guarantee.

Owner has been involved in the internet marketing industry for quite a while.

The Bad:

If you are not good following webinars it will be difficult to learn.

No idea if there will be additional charges for upgrades or if all upgrades are included with the original price.

Many steps needed to start an online business are left out. You will have to do a lot of searching for help.

No free introductory offer so you can look around and see if it’s for you.


Who is Bring the Fresh For? This training is for anyone wanting to start an online, work from home business.

 Tools & Training: There is plenty of tools and training. The Fresh Start Guide is very helpful in getting up and running. Included is the tool for specialized keywords.  There are other tools they suggest for traffic.

 Support: Yes there is support at Bring The Fresh thru the customer service page. Also the program has a forum where members can interact and get questions answered. There are around 9,000 other members to have discussions with. Another good thing is the owner is involved and your question might get answered by him.


Price: $7.00 for a trial period. $37.00 for lifetime.

Once you join you are asked to join “private” groups as an upsell plus additional upsells are offered for products, services and mentoring. If you decide on the $89.00 offer you still need to buy other services which also include monthly charges. Plus the owner is now offering $1,000 mentoring services, which is getting very common in this industry.

My Final Opinion of Bring The Fresh:

If you purchase Bring The Fresh you would be smart to stick with the basic program and not get sucked into all the upsells and extra tools and mentoring package.

Basically it’s not a bad program except for all the upsells. My best advice to you is to compare Bring the Fresh to Wealthy Affiliate and see how they compare. Plus Wealthy Affiliate is free to start. legit



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